Resonance Project:
Mission Statement

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Photographs by Victoria Vorreiter

The Resonance Project aspires to record and preserve the ancient musical heritage of indigenous peoples of the Golden Triangle, who have depended for millennia on oral tradition to transmit knowledge, history, and beliefs. Culture is extremely fragile because it is an intangible, living legacy that depends on continuity. With the encroachment of modern civilization and global homogeny, how long ancient wisdom will endure is in question. Miss a generation and the collective memory may become obscure; miss two and it will vanish. This project aims to document the majesty and diversity of ancient tribal music before it disappears.

Integrated, Multi-media Archives
The Songs of Memory archives - films, recordings, images, collections of musical instruments and tribal clothing, a book and a museum exhibition - strives to offer an integrative understanding of tribal culture of Southeast Asia by interweaving a variety of media. Together these offer knowledge of musical rituals that can be experienced in context with traditional objects, ceremonial practices, and daily life in the village, exposing viewers to the incredible diversity of peoples that share our planet.

Traveling Collections
By giving voice to cultures that may seem remote, the intention of this project is to contribute to awareness of the world that transcends borders. To this end, the Songs of Memory archival collections has been designed to travel to other venues around the world so that an international audience can experience the wisdom, beauty and variety of the cultures of Southeast Asia.

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