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A Selection of Articles


Pah Thai Magazine / Thai Textile Society
Volume XI, Issue No. 2 – Autumn 2023
A Bounty of Bags in the Mountains:
Functional, Festive
Devotional, Defensive

Cover, and 14-Page Spread



Asian Review of Books Announcement
"Songs of Memory
Traditional Music of the Golden Triangle"

12 August 2022

Mizzima Weekly: Myanmar News & Insight "Songs of Memory:
Book and Recordings of the
Indigenous Cultures of the Golden Triangle"
12 August 2022



Hmong Ancestor Wisdom:
Surviving Covid-19

2 May 2020

Chiang Mai City News
Compassion in the Time of Covid - The Karen Way
2 May 2020



Asian Geographic
No. 136, Issue 3/2019
Cover: Akha Peu Sau Girl, Ban Huay Sang Mai, Phongsali, Laos
Article: A Trove of Cultural Treasure in the Golden Triangle

June 2019



Asian-European Music E-Journal
No. 2 (Winter 2018)
Reach Back, Reach Deep, Reach Out:
A Case History of the Songs of Memory Project in the Community

December 2018



Asian Textiles, The Oxford Asian Textile Group, No. 65, November 2016
Hmong Threads of Life
Traditional Hmong Textiles from the Golden Triangle

November 2016



Journal of Urban Culture Research
Chulalonghorn University, Volume 8 2014
Reach Back, Reach Deep, Reach Out:
A Case History of the Songs of Memory
Project in the Community

Global Fund for Children
VV Photograph accepted
“Music Everywhere!”

26 February
Interview: Review Vancouver with R. Micheal Pink
Majesty in the Mountains: Traditional Culture of the Highland Peoples of Southeast Asia



NiHao, Issue No. 2, November 2013
Traditional Culture of the Peoples of the Golden Triangle

Tamarind Tales, October 2013
A Balance Between Two Worlds: Spirit Houses

Asian Geographic Junior, No. 6, Issue 5/2013
Indigo and the Lenten People of Northern Laos



Asian Art Newspaper, February 2012
Songs of Memory Multimedia Exhibition

East-West Center Brochure - Honolulu, Hawaii



Asian Geographic – The Read, Issue 05
Courtship in the Mountains

American Suzuki Journal, Volume 40.1
Songs of Memory: The Music of the Golden Triangle



Asian Geographic: No. 77, Issue 8/2010
Language of the Gods

Journal of Urban Culture Research, Chulalonghorn University, Volume 1 2010
Vanishing Echoes

Matador Travel Journal, 1 September 2010
Photo-Essay: Songs of Memory

Asian Geographic Junior, No. 9 Issue 6/2010
Melodies from the Mountains



Global Rythm Magazine - March 2004
Cinema in the Sahara



American Suzuki Journal, Fall 2002
Ode to Joy, Ode to Sorrow

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